Portfolio Review

Key things to note

  1. On Intentionality

    The interviewers want to know how you got to a solution. What went wrong? What went right? How did this step influence the outcome, and what was the next step? For every design decision, always — Explain. Why.

    Make sure to contextualize the problem and ensure the interviewer really understands who our audience is.

    Make sure to tell the designers the story. Characterize the roles and center the story around personas. Use this to give context to the experience and explain who these people were, what they were trying to do, what their problems were, and how ultimately your solution was able to help them with their workflow.

    Sweat the small details

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Share appropriate context about goals, challenges, process, visual samples and prototypes to facilitate the conversation and tell a story about your work. The intent is to get a better understanding of your design work/process, intentionality, and overall awareness.


You can share your work through a portfolio site (with additional samples on your computer), through an actual prototype or shipped product walkthrough, or through presentation format.

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